Clinical Pharmacy

The Pier Health Resource Centre is primarily a clinical pharmacy operation, which aims to showcase the power of pharmacy profession in terms of resident health outcomes.

We believe the primary responsibility of a clinical pharmacist is to solve drug therapy problems and at Pier Health, our goal is 100% drug therapy capture and resolution.

Our team provides comprehensive medication management whether we are in the the Pier Health Resource Centre or providing outreach support in a shelter or SRO. Our operation is founded on the initial resident consultation, at which time a comprehensive, best possible medication history is conducted and any potential drug therapy problems are identified.

Drug therapy problems are identified at Pier Health as follows:

  • unnecessary drug therapy
  • dosage too high
  • dosage too low
  • different drug needed
  • compliance
  • adverse reaction to drugs
  • needs additional therapy

We employ a team of first class pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants, who operate at the full scope of practice so that the clinical pharmacist can spend the maximum amount of time with patients providing medication management and education.

Finally, our clinical reports are reviewed by research groups for the University of British Columbia, in order to measure health outcomes and conduct calculations on health system savings.

For more information on clinical pharmacy, please see the UBC Department of Pharmacy website.