Scope of Practice

At Pier Health, we are pushing the envelope for pharmacist scope of practice with hopes of enabling pharmacists to be a more comprehensive point-of-care provider.

We believe that it is the role of pharmacists to resolve 100% of Drug therapy problems including the following:

  • Dose too high
  • Dose too low
  • Adherence
  • Adverse Drug Reaction
  • Unnecessary drug therapy
  • Needs Additional Therapy
  • Different Drug Needed

In order to facilitate our goal of 100% DTP capture, we have designed our facility to maximize patient time with the pharmacist, specifically utilizing the intake station system and consult room options.

Furthermore, Pier Health is part of a pilot project to provide anti-psychosis depot injections to patients, administered by the pharmacist, making us the only such pharmacy in BC with that capability.

Lastly, our pharmacists see themselves as a necessary point of care contact for patients as opposed to a dispenser of medication. Our pharmacists are charged with listening to the needs of the human being and doing our best to identify, refer and counsel patients as to the removal of, not only pharmacy and medical but also social barriers that they may face.

At Pier, we aim to transcend the pharmacist scope of practice by assisting at-risk residents in achieving higher quality of life by any means in our power as human beings.