Pier Health believes that the level of operational and financial transparency of private pharmacy operators in at-risk neighbourhoods need to be raised. Should we succeed in raising standards of transparency, many of the unfortunate historical pharmacy practices will resolve themselves.

As such, Pier Health has undergone rigorous vetting from The City of Vancouver, the BC College of Pharmacists and the BC Ministry of Health as to the intention and design of our operation.

Pier Health works closely with University researchers to design better pharmacy systems and theories that will inform policy in the future.

We share our financial statements with any institutional body, who can plausibly benefit from this information and we are committed to working with the City and Province to re-design inner city pharmacy in a manner that maximizes patient care while maintaining a viable private operation.

Lastly, we have provided over 100 tours of our entire facility since opening and we will continue to provide educational sessions to government officials, politicians, regulators, pharmacies and other health care practitioners. We believe that by sharing our vision and ideas, we will raise the level of collaboration and quality of urban healthcare delivery for the City of Vancouver.